The Mermaid Skirt is the new fashion trend.

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Mermaid Trend

The fashion trend in 2015 has drifted toward Mermaid skirts, minis, flares and gowns. These are sexy strapless and tightly-fitted at the waist and having a wide flare at the hemline. The 2015 Mermaid Skirt absolutely has been the buzzword in fashion. It brings out the sensual flow while the design and shape accentuate the hourglass of a full set of hips exposing those curves instead of hiding them!

You can go "Mermaid Office" in a darker-tone knee-length skirt with a classy shirt or interlaced blouse. You can also go "Mermaid Romantic" with a mesh skirt that reveals the hourglass shape - perfect for showing off your curves for a hot date or to impress that special someone. Finally, you can go "Mermaid Glamorous" with a styled mesh skirt that stylishly compliments the front curves, the back curves and the side hip curves.


There are more innovative styles already in production with new fabrics, designs and trendy patterns! These innovative ideas have been on paper for a decade, but never made mainstream. We were anxious to see what these designers have come up with. Some of these creations were waiting until trends caught up with the ideas!

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