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Mermaid Style

June 2023 - Mermaid Style is a new design fashion approach to re-thinking the architecture of traditional layouts in a foward thinking and fashion-conscious world. Keeping with the next generation trend - Mermaid Style by definition is sheer waist up and covered waist down to the tail. We are assisting in the beginning the deep Aquatic Fashion Movement for Women. If you can relate to your body reflecting sea shimmer from the deep glow of the sun, sea-scallop shells keeping your breasts cool from the deep sunrays, bringing your busty cleavage to the attention of paparazzi, using your tail to attract that special someone or using body paint as sunscreen - you are a Mermaid!

This Mermaid-Fashion is available, and beginning to gain a lot of buzz. This eclectic fashion has fused scales using various thin materials which allows your body to have easy tail movement; specifically the bottom portion full below the hips. These days bigger is in and we are in the wings and assisting with spearheading the aquatic effort.




We have been building partnerships with manufacturers, vendors, boutiques and photographers and looking forward to display their Mermaid Style by February. We are excited to make this trend more visible among enthusiasts.

We enjoy finding unique Mermaid items from all over the world. It is among our favorite things to do.

mermaid style

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