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September 2023 - Top 7 Mermaid Bars in America

We have gone to these Mermaid Bars and Mermaid Restaurants and this is our Top 7 Mermaid Bars in no particular order. While we have been to many other Mermaid bars, restaurants, lounges, shows, clubs, and they all have their place - each place is uniquely different and have their own Mermaid Beer Bottle Opener. The venues are crafted to capture the flavors of the sea and with a Mermaid theme. It's all about the experience - who you are with and your positive attitude. If you know of a cool mermaid place - let us know.

  • Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    We had a great experience! The service was amazing! What an awesome πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈMermaid Burlesque Show. It was only 30 minutes and there were four mermaids. We wished the show lasted longer. Tickets were $65, but $35 is credit for food and beverage - in our case - 🍷 wine. They validated our parking which was nice! Book in advance and get there early for good seats! Sit at the bar to get the best view of the Mermaids! They have an 🧜Aquamen show as well - will do that next time! Great atmosphere, great vibe.

  • Mermaid Restaurant in Cape May, New Jersey

    If you haven't been to Cape May, New Jersey yet... Just go. It is a super quaint town in New Jersey with the friendliest folks all over town. This is not a fancy restaurant. The food is very good (seafood and American), but it is the service that really sets this place above. It's pretty much right on the beach and has that πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈMermaid Restaurant vibe. You could easily go back multiple times to this place on your visit to Cape May. It is a great value and you will have a nice time here.

  • Blue Mermaid in San Francisco, California

    This restaurant is located right next to the popular San Francisco wharf, a quick walk to Ghiradelli Square and up the hill to the very popular Michelin 1-star Rating 1-Star Michelin Rated Gary Danko for dinner for that special occasion. Expensive - but absoltuely worth every dollar! The Blue Mermaid is a good place for ambiance with 🍷 wine and appetizers in the Argonaut Hotel. Our service was just okay, but we came for the outdoor vibe. Our little group had some 🍷 wine and 🍺hand-crafted beers by the outdoor firepits and we indulged in some 🦞 seafood appetizers.

  • Mermaid Restaurant & Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada

    This Mermaid lounge is located inside The Silverton Casino 🎰 and is WAY off the main Las Vegas strip. The casino is small when you compare it to those huge casinos. We did have fun interacting with the live mermaids while they were swimming with sharks and sting rays. We had some 🍷 drinks. We also learned you can book a mermaid class and swim in the tank with the mermaids! The indoor tank is huge like an 🐠aquarium and the viewing area to the public is a monster-sized window that is so impressive when you stand in front of it. We could not believe how big the window was when you walk up and see the wonder of these mermaids swimming.

  • Thirsty Mermaid in Key West, Florida

    Wow... that is a great name of a restaurant - it certainly caught our attention! Friendly service too. The place is very clean and the way they put the food on the plate it - felt like a 5-star restaurant to us. It's open and airy and right on the corner. There was a great selection of Mermaid inspired craft beers, but we had our 🍷 wine. Everything was locally-sourced and you can tell the ingredients were made fresh. Their signature Mermaid Caeser Salad πŸ₯— was delightful as well. They have a fresh raw bar complete with clams, πŸ¦ͺoysters, 🦐shrimp and ceviche and it was delicious - they called it the Mermaid Royale Platter!

  • Pirate's Table Calabash Seafood Buffet in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Think of it like a πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈMermaid family-friendy πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈPirate Restaurant meets Seafood Buffet with live Mermaids swimming in a huge pool all wrapped up into one place. It is fun and an experience! There is a huge selection of πŸ₯©meats and 🦞seafood - buffet style. You can just tell their prime rib is slow-roasted and tender. And... Oh, those πŸ¦€crab legs... super good.

  • Sip 'N Dip Lounge in Great Falls, Montana

    Seriously? In Montana? Yep, that's right! It's a Mermaid bar created back in the 1960's. Well, it's actually more like a Tiki lounge that happens to have Mermaids with a backdrop of a lounge casino. There are Mermaids swimming, but it is not exactly a show. We had a good time. It is a vibrant atmosphere, the service was great and we had very colorful 🍸cocktails that were quite tasty! The tropical background sound of 🏝️island beats will flavor your ears as you sip the night away!

Go and check out these Mermaid Bars and Mermaid Restaurants and let us know if there are other hidden gems out there!