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Mermaid Parade - June 18, 2016 - New Time: 1:00pm

May 2016 - The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, New York is a totally unique and brilliant idea that is without a doubt America's biggest art parade and New York City's summer kickoff party (a close second being San Francisco's Castro Street Fair).

In 1983, the Mermaid Parade started its tradition that pays homage to Coney Island's forgotten Mardi Gras which was from 1903 to 1954. The festival attracts a wide array of characters from around the USA resulting in an absolutely fun family-oriented party.

Coney Island's Mermaid Parade celebrates the beach, the ocean, the salty breeze and the beginning of summer. The participants are dressed in hand-crafted Mermaid costumes and other odd eye-catching attire. You can meet all different types of Mermaids while you are there! Lots of fun!

Register Today for the 2016 Mermaid Parade

Volunteers are always needed to help with the parade.
If interested - send an email to:

Help Save the 2016 Mermaid Parade!

Donate a few bucks directly to the Mermaid Parade

Click to see the entire Mermaid Parade Route.

Mermaid Parade Song by Phosphorescent
[10 Mb mp3 file] - opens in new browser

Mermaid Parade InvitationMermaid Parade Ball

The 2016 Mermaid Parade will be on June 18th. Be there! We will!

Do not forget to visit The Freak Bar located at 1208 Surf Avenue (between 12th street and Henderson) in the evening - the Mermaid Parade winners will be announced there!

Mermaid Parade Beer


mermaid parade

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