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Mermaid News - Mermaid Signs

December 16, 2017

Yahoo News

YouTuber dresses according to her zodiac sign
Yahoo News
In a viral video titled, “I Dressed According to My Zodiac Sign for a Week,” YouTuber Safiya Nygaard let her star sign guide her sartorial choices for seven days.

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The Inquisitr

Mermaid Syndrome: Indian 'Mermaid Baby' With Legs Fused ...
The Inquisitr
Twenty-three-year-old Indian woman Muskura Bibi gave birth on Wednesday to a “mermaid baby,” but tragically lost the child only four hours later, with doctors still unable to determine ...

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The Tennessean

Is Nashville in a housing bubble? Market now showing some signs of cooling
The Tennessean
This year's headlines maintained the fever pitch: “Nashville ranked nation's hottest single-family housing market,” “Nashville's housing market ranked No. 1 by Zillow,” “Should you invest in Nashville's red-hot housing market?” The region's soaring ...

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