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Mermaid News - Mermaid Restaurants

August 21, 2017

Phoenix New Times

The Former Crab & Mermaid in Old Town Scottsdale Has a New Tenant
Phoenix New Times
Famous 48 is the latest undertaking of Square One Concepts described as a tavern-themed restaurant, scheduled to open this fall Old Town Scottsdale. It will be housed in the 3,000 square-foot space that formerly was home to Crab & Mermaid, which ...

Eye On Annapolis

Mermaid's Kiss returns on September 21st
Eye On Annapolis
Get ready for an evening of local oysters of all shapes, sizes and flavors, fresh seafood dishes from iconic restaurants, all-you-can-enjoy craft beer and wine, and live entertainment, all to benefit our Bay's beloved bivalve! Hosted by the Oyster ...

San Francisco Business Times

These are the top 5 restaurants in San Francisco to do business in
San Francisco Business Times
No one knows how to do business in the Bay better than our readers and their choices for the best San Francisco eateries in which to conduct it are now in. In the third installment of our first annual reader restaurant survey, we look at which S.F ...

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