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Mermaid News - Mermaid Castle

August 19, 2019

The Disney Easter Eggs In 'Aladdin' Reference So Many Of Your Animated Faves  Bustle

Disney is known for putting callbacks to their previous movies into the ones that come after. It's somewhat of a game to find all of the Easter eggs that the ...

Before Fatal Boat Crash in Budapest, Safety Warnings Went Unheeded  The New York Times

Traffic along the Danube, propelled by an explosion in tourism, has expanded fast, and many had pointed to the risk of overcrowding even before the accident.

At International Surf Festival, the sand ‘castles’ are upstaged by octopus, mermaid, shark and more  The Daily Breeze

Brian Denny and his two sons couldn't contain their shock Sunday. The trio had just been announced as the group winner of the of the International Surf ...

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